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Chukotka. Modern Guide

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Год: 2019

Кол-во страниц: 240

ISBN номер: 978-5-6042323-8-5

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Chukotka is the most remote, most frosty and most hard-to-reach region of Russia. Huge expanses covered with a blindingly white snow maintain their pristine beauty all year round, waiting for those brave enough to overcome any adversity and journey to the edge of the earth. The reward? Bright, unforgettable memories and impressions to last a lifetime.

Chukotka is home to unique archeological discoveries that tell of a rich indigenous culture. The rarest species of animals and birds roam the land, and the subsoil is rich with mineral reserves. Those who travel to Chukotka should be ready to dive into a most extraordinary yet absolutely wonderful world. The journey of a lifetime is waiting for you!

The guide is available in Russian and in English.