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Kamchatka. Modern Guide

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Год: 2017

Кол-во страниц: 228

ISBN номер: 978-5-9904064-6-9

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Kamchatka is one of those places that each Russian dreams of visiting. Majestic tops of volcanoes, formidable geysers, wild rivers rife with colorful fish and vast valleys filled to the brim with wildflowers – all of that and more is why Kamchatka attracts thousands of tourists, eager to capture its proud beauty on their cameras. However, no photo will ever compare to the harmonious nature of this land, washed by the seas of the Pacific Ocean. Venture to the very world’s end to see the sunrise and to discover the mysteries of the mighty nature, which have interwoven with the ancient rituals of the wise aborigines. And do not forget to take this book along – it will give you all the information you need on ecological, ethnographic and extreme tours on Kamchatka.

The guide is available in Russian and in English.