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Trans-Baikal. Modern Guide to Zabaikalye region

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Год: 2019

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Trans-Baikal Territory is one of Russia's most interesting and astonishing regions. The immense steppes east of Lake Baikal were settled 30,000 years ago. Transbaikal Territory has witnessed the rise and fall of many civilisations, including Genghis Khan's Mongol empire — the largest empire in history. The great conqueror was born not far from Chita, in the Onon River valley.

These lands were later explored by Russian Cossacks, who founded the first large settlements and forts. Trans-Baikal Territory is also home to the Buryats, its native inhabitants. Agin-Buryat district was previously a separate federal subject of the Russian Federation.

The nature of the Trans-Baikal Territory is amazing, with endless grasslands and intermittent lakes in the south and glaciated mountain peaks and wild whitewater rivers in the north. The western part of the region is covered by pristine taiga forests, which are home to perennial Siberian pines and rare wild animals. Alkhanay Mountain deserves a separate mention. This sacred site for Buddhists it is a true temple complex created by nature itself. Pilgrims from all over the world come here in search of inner harmony.